What is a mind map for students

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What Is Mind Mapping? Mindmapping is a strategy that helps students study and professors teach course material. A mindmap is a diagram that is used to visually outline information. One of the most common types of mindmap is a large brainstorming web where a central word or idea branches out into related subjects.

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Traditional mind mapping often works just as well, and only requires pencils and paper. The traditional approach to mind mapping is essentially drawing mind maps by hand on paper, the blackboard or a whiteboard. Traditional mind mapping is still useful because it can be done at any time, allowing students to take notes, brainstorm on the spot ...

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Particularly, these mind mapping tools allow users, according to their needs, to create both mind maps and concept maps. Such software is iMindQ - a mind mapping tool that can also be used for concept mapping. iMindq offers an adaptable template concept map which gives its users the opportunity to create concept maps on a wide range of topics.Mind mapping encourages students to use different keywords, colors, symbols, and designs for creating their individual maps. This brings a sense of not only enthusiasm into whatever topic is being learned but can increase motivation as well.